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About Us

ESGeneration educates and raises awareness for ESG practices to the entrepreneurs and everyone who is interested in learning about ESG. Our platform publishes various ESG-related articles and podcasts with professionals in the field every week, while we host seminars every month in which our speakers discuss ESG implementations and investing strategies. We wish to inspire more individuals to join our journey of building a sustainable future with fundamental ESG practices in all enterprises. 


Our Founding Story...

          During summer of 2022, we all passed through the University of Pennsylvania’s summer program Leadership in the Business World (LBW) at the Wharton Business school. Exposed to a college level education of various business concepts and leadership execution, we were all captivated by the concept of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), the standards which evaluate how advanced companies are with sustainability. The concept was fascinating to us. 

          Surprisingly, although ESG has been an emerging prominent concept in the business world, it remains relatively unknown, and sometimes even misunderstood or misinterpreted by the general public. As young entrepreneurs ourselves, we have all been through the many stages and inevitable struggles of establishing our own ventures. While working on our startups, we were all unaware of ESG and its practices, and so were our fellow entrepreneurs. It seemed to us only major firms that generate significant revenue focus on ESG practices. But after the inspiration at Wharton LBW and continuous research, we have realized the significance of ESG education - to break down this common misconception - and the potential of incorporating ESG practices into startups, as they are the future of numerous industries worldwide. 

          Starting with educating ourselves and everyone who is interested in ESG, we are working towards expanding ESGeneration to a social profit organization, which we will consult with small enterprises regarding their ESG practices and build an “ESG Certificate” to incentivize and validate all startups’ ESG implementations. We take you along our journey to explore the grand world of ESG by sharing our research that has broadened our understanding and inviting notable professionals to speak about the different aspects of ESG. We wish to uncover how financial incentives and motivations can be extended to promoting a positive environmental and social impact and frame a standardized ESG rating system for all sustainable enterprises. Through ESGeneration, we wish to bring an impact to our community and build a sustainable future for all.

Meet the Team

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