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How Nike is Becoming More ESG Active

Often viewed at the frontline of the apparel sector Nike is seen as a leader in the worlds of fashion and business. Making its first major impact in the footwear market Nike, as many know, has now expanded to all aspects of apparel. Worn across the world Nike holds influence not only through the clothes they sell, but through how they run their business. In recent years more pressure has been put on larger corporations to set an example in regards to becoming more sustainable and Nike is no outlier. In this article we examine the steps Nike is taking to create a greener footprint.

In an interview with Nike’s Chief of Sustainability, Noel Kinder, to Dazed we learn of the steps Nike has taken to clean-up the world. The interview begins with Mr. Kinder discussing the points of Nike’s sustainability plan that they have surpassed. The first of which being their water use goals. Over the past year Nike has been able to vastly reduce the amount of water used in the production of their clothing and transportation of their products. Another major goal of Nike’s is to create a sustainability plan that is more quantitative allowing for a more actionable plan to be created and more ease in measuring the accomplishment of set goals.

The interview moves on to Nike’s history with action in the field of environmental sustainability. It is highlighted that Nike featured its first ever suit made out of recycled polyester at the 2000 Olympics. This was a milestone in the athletic community showing the abilities of reusable materials. Furthermore, Noel Kinder mentions Nike’s 30 plus year history with working towards environmental protection giving them a foot ahead of the competition in regards to creating a business plan that not only works to serve traditional fiduciary responsibilities, but also holds its own in being ecologically responsible.

The final major point touched on was the quality of the renewable products. One thing that is important to each consumer is the consistency of the product they are buying. Those buying from Nike want to experience the same level of athletic and comfort excellence. In regards to this Nike shows no signs of a change in product quality allowing consumers to rest at ease knowing their apparel is not just helping them in sport, but also helping their beloved environment. Still, no matter how much progress we have made so far there is still a long way to go to reach a future that is sustainable for all.

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