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  • Henry Eisenhardt

How Patagonia is Placing Itself at the Forefront of Environmental Sustainability

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

As we have come to know, companies across the world are taking strides forward in improving their ecological footprint. Consistently becoming evermore important to consumers, these corporations making a full faith effort to help the planet’s climate crisis are becoming the destination of choice for many. In this article I will look into strides Patagonia is taking to become the big corporation on the block, in regards to ecological sustainability.

Patagonia is known for its outdoor apparel so it is no surprise that the company has been on the leading edge of sustainability practices for the last forty years. Choosing not to be stagnant they constantly change and update their business model in order to stay ahead of their competition fiscally and environmentally. Patagonia even states that their business is to help our planet which once again makes sense. One of the most significant contributions Patagonia has made towards saving our environment started more than 35 years ago. At that time Patagonia began its pledge to donate one percent of its total revenue towards environmental protection services. This initial pledge cascaded into an organization working with countless other major businesses hoping to pledge that same one percent in revenue. However, Patagonia’s help is not just through donations, the company also helps the planet through its production process.

Many of the natural resources used in the production of Patagonia’s various goods are recycled or grown sustainably/organically. With an operations system that is evermore environmentally conscious, Patagonia is able to make a much greater impact across the world and not just in the United States. This initiative also stretches into local communities where patagonia is working to connect groups of people with organizations aimed at helping combat climate change on both a local and national level. Overall, Patagonia is taking a multitude of different steps from their supply chain, to their financial donation, to their active outreach groups to help better our world. This all speaks so truly to the company's entire goal and mission. Moving forward, Patagonia will continue to be leading the race to end our climate crisis.

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