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  • Henry Eisenhardt

United Nations Round Table on Climate Change

When people are looking for global action to take place they often turn their heads towards the United Nations for direction. Born out of a time of conflict the United Nations works to help maintain peace in our world from aiding in global conflicts to issues around the environment. The latter is what we will be talking about today. Often the United Nations hosts member countries to discuss issues in regards to climate change. Through this platform world leaders are able to discuss reasonable action which can be taken to and the path forward to helping our environment. This round table was no different.

At the beginning of the conversation all of the members present agreed that our global climate crisis was of the utmost importance on a global scale. Action needed to be taken in order to preserve our world for generations of humans to come. The leaders present urged their continued commitment to the Paris Agreement and other accords in regards to climate change. Each country vowed to continue to push their steps towards a cleaner future. Discussed next was the commitment to not let global temperature averages increase by more than 1.5 degrees celsius. In correlation with this it was noted that global carbon emission goals were far off track from the intended goal by this point in time. With it being recognized that the major parties of the United Nations were responsible for 80 percent of global carbon emissions. However, further steps were taken by these nations in their goals to help developing countries switch from fossil fuels towards renewable energy.

The final major topic discussed was in regards to finance. The groups recognized the need for easier financial access to clean energy resources. Currently the barrier stopping many governments from pushing harder into cleaner practices is financing. Firmer actions needed to be taken in reaching the 100 billion U.S. dollar goal of financing cleaner energy. It was also mentioned that the quality of climate financing needed to be improved as well. If mass actions are to be taken by countries to help the environment it needs to be financially sustainable for most. Through this summit of sorts it was once more brought to our attention that our climate

the situation is still as pressing as ever. Nations continued to preach about the need to save our planet; however, no real big steps have been made. If we are to pursue a brighter path forwards action needs to be taken soon.

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